How to Become an Ebay Affiliate

There are six simple steps on becoming an ebay affiliate:

      1. Go to: <a target=”_self” href=””></a><img style=”text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;” src=”[CACHEBUSTER]”>Click Here

Becoming an affiliate on eBay.   Let’s suppose you want to buy a new car. You search the internet for reviews on that special car you’re looking for. You’ve made your decision after reading the reviews.  You then click on one of the links and find the car and price you like.  The link that you clicked on is the perfect example of affiliate marketing. You earn a commission by selling someone else’s product.

To be able to earn commission on eBay, you go to eBay

  • find a page that you’d like to share
  • use one of the tools and create a link to that page
  • share the link to your audience
  • when someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

You are able to get access to the world largest global market place through eBay Partner Networks (EPN).  You earn commissions ranging from 50% to 70% of eBay’s profit.

Smart Share from eBay

You could easily earn commission as you browse eBay.  Add the extension to your chrome toolbar to create personalized links.  In one click copy your link, or share directly to Facebook.  Or share the link on Pinecrest, if you prefer.

Create a link with Smart Share

  1. Install the extension from the chrome store and upload your campaigns
  2. As you visit any page on eBay, click the smart share button on your Chrome toolbar.
  3. Select the campaign you want the promotion to be tracked to.
  4. Share your link directly to Facebook or Pinterest or copy it to paste to wherever you wish.

Create a Promotable Link

You can create links with copy and paste.

1. Find something on    2.  Copy the URL address     3.  Click “Create” to       4.  Copy and  promote this link                     eBay you want to            and paste it below              make a link                         to your  audience                                  promote                                                                             specifically for you


Create Links while Browsing eBay

Using mobile-enhanced Smart links can Automatically optimize your web page

By adding smart links to your web page only once all of your past, present, and future e-bay links will be converted into monetized links, complete with your tracking ID, and new compelling mobile ads to capture more mobile conversions.







How to Build a Free Professional Website -You can Through Wealthy Affiliates

There are hundreds of ads for free websites out there. The disappointing thing is once you click on that link, you realize that they are mostly scams.  Most signs says “free” but then you receive limited service and very little help.  By the time you add hosting and other things necessary for a successful website, you end up spending hundreds of dollars or more a month and it doesn’t even included training.

Wealthy Affiliates (WA)  to the rescue. You receive a seven day free trial which gives you more than enough time to see if the program is right for you.  You receive two free websites with hosting, embed media and training included. 24/7 answers to your questions. All this and more free.  Making it zero risk and zero obligation with the free starter membership.  If you wish to upgrade to Premium after the 7 day trial period, you receive a discount of $19 for the first month.  Then a $49 monthly fee. There are people who have gone for some years on the Starter Program.

You receive 50 free websites and over three thousand themes with the Premium membership. Websites are monitored 24/7 top of the line security.  WordPress Hosting, ranking with Google, tech support, training and more are included.  You also receive  an online entrepreneur certification (50 lessons)  Check other online businesess to see how they compare.

Jaaxy – an online keyword finder tool which would reduce your keyword research efforts to a miniscule amount of time.
You have access to an enormous amount of key words at your fingertips with the use of Jaaxy, synonym for Keyword, Niche and website research.  This is a great tool which allows you to find out where your website is ranking in search engines such as  Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Within Jaaxy you have access to a brainstorm feature that allows you to dissect the hottest trend. Each search within Jaaxy reveals which domains are available for any given keyword.

The Tools Necessary to Have a Sucessful Website

You need to decide what type of audiance you want to attract. Men, Women, kids, teens.  Professionals or Sports enthusiast.  Once you’ve decided on your niche, (What’s a niche?  You ask.)  A niche is something you feel passionate about.

For example, you’re interested in diet. Writing a blog on diet is too broad. Are you interested in weight loss, weight gain, diet for lowering blood pressure?  You pick one topic do your research and expand.  If your topic is too broad you give your readers too much information all at once and you lose them. You lose customers, you lose traffic.

To be successful you need to choose something that excites you the most. Take a look at the following:

  1. You will be writing content within your niche.
  2. You will be communicating within your niche.
  3. You will be choosing products to promote within your niche.
  4. You will be able to help people within your niche.
  5. Your first niche most likely won’t be your last (don’t worry about it being perfect)
  6. Any single niche website can become a “full time” income/business.

You could change your niche later if you want to.